Apex 19mm Chopping Board 18” x 12”

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APEX: The Self-Healing Food Cutting Surface is the ideal food board already found in many high profile restaurants and hotels. * Please note the product image is for illustration purposes only, only one board will be received.

Apex is the ultimate food surface, a unique non cellular anti-microbial rubber compound material ideal for cutting, slicing and filleting.  Apex® has a very long life span and it will generally get better the more it is used.  Apex® has two major benefits, firstly it does not harbour bad smells, once washed properly it can be freed of scents that taint the preparation of food. The second, is the way the surface self-heals giving less opportunity for bacteria to exist in deep cuts and allowing knives to stay sharp for longer and the surface less prone to wear.

  • MicroStopTM anti-microbial rubber compound
  • Non-absorbent to stains and odours
  • Non-slip properties
  • Knives stay sharp for longer
  • The surface is less prone to wear
  • NSF tested and certified
  • FDA certified

We can cater for any bespoke food board sizes and also tag the boards with up to 6 colours if a colour code identification system is required, please contact us for further details. Whether you need a small filleting board or a complete table top we can cater for your needs.

Apex is available in one main colour (beige) but each food board can be colour coded upon enquiry with up to six colour choices.


  • High density rubber compound Non-cellular
  • Non-toxic

Anti-Microbial Properties:

Manufactured with MicroStopTM anti-microbial rubber compound. This inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi to provide a cleaner and healthier work environment.


  • Premium restaurants and kitchens – Food cutting, slicing and filleting
  • Fish processing plants
  • Food warmers (maximum temperature 90 ̊C)

Usage & Cleaning:

  • Suitable for cutting, slicing and filleting
  • Not suitable for chopping
  • Can be used on heated plates or under heated lamps but the temperature must not exceed 90 ̊C
  • With a light application, it can be cleaned with warm water and a chlorine-based sanitiser
  • Water temperature less than 26 ̊C (the water will make the board soft & if not placed on a perfectly flat surface, it may change shape)


  • APEX food cutting boards will not crack, splinter, swell
  • Does not absorb liquids and odours and therefore does not stain or harbour bacteria
  • Longer lasting than wood or plastic
  • Self-healing, high degree of resiliency preserving knife edges for longer
  • Contains finely divided silica to enhance wear resistance, allowing the boards to last years with regular usage
  • Rubber construction minimises almost all slippage of the board on a countertop and food does not slip off the surface of the board when cutting
  • Can be re-surfaced by sanding

Food Standard:

  • National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) tested and certified
  • Tested at the Royal Preston Pathology Laboratories which confirmed its high level of hygiene

Cross Contamination:

  • Colour coded dowels are available to prevent cross contamination

Product Testing

NSF Testing (NSF/ANSI – 51) as follows:

Food contact temperature:  350 ̊F

Food contact area:  3456 in²

Food contact zones:  Equipment surfaces intended to be direct contact with food

Food contact type:  All food contact types

Standard Testing:

Shore hardness:  70 shore D

Sustainability:  Recyclable material, Reach compliant (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals)

Weight:  140kg/m3