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Embrace the great outdoors – even in the rain!

Limp sandwiches and warm lemonade? No thanks! The Brits have always loved eating in the great outdoors. What could be […]

Blog confession: I scream for ice-cream!

Are the old ways the best? When it comes to ice-cream I’ll admit I’m a traditionalist. Give me an old-fashioned […]

New Mexican cuisine: definitely ¡VIVA MEXICO!

So, what’s this New Mexican sensation? If you’re on Instagram, you can’t have missed the incredible food images coming from Rene […]

Skeppshult – not just any old iron…

So, what’s wrong with Le Creuset? Who are Skeppshult? It’s a shame we even have to ask that question. When […]

Probiotic Cocktails, anyone? Yes please!

A long (and developing) history… The Romans used garum, a fermented fish sauce, way back when, so fermented foods aren’t […]