If Music be The Food of Love…

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Boogie-woogie broccoli

You can get your children to eat their five-a-day by hanging wind-chimes in the kitchen. Don’t believe us? Then check out the latest research by psychologists at Oxford University.

Charles Spence, professor of experimental psychology, who helped create chef Heston Blumenthal’s multi-sensory recipes, claims that parents can help enhance taste and suppress the bitterness of vegetables through ‘sonic seasoning.’ Essentially, music helps the food go down – in the most delightful way!

What works for the little ones works for us too – we’re all just big kids after all. So what better to revisit some of our favourite venues where what you hear is as important as what you eat.

Tunes with your amuse bouche, sir?

One Canada Square is a fairly standard part of the ultra-modern development at Canary Wharf. It’s got exactly the sleekness and impeccable menu you’d expect, and is altogether ‘straight down the middle’. However, here’s the quirky bit – tucked away in the corner is a grand piano, and it adds serious character.

Feeling in the burlesque frame of mind? Then you can take it to the max with full-on cabaret and fine-dining at Proud Cabaret City. Fire-breathing, pasties (we’re talking body adornment, not meat pies by the way), ostrich feathers and prohibition-era cocktails… What more could you possibly want?

Burlesque is, admittedly, getting a bit old hat these days (although we’re not complaining – the old ones are so often the best…). If you want to stay ahead of the crowd try Mac and Wild, the Scottish brand with a passion for – well – pretty much everything. They source the most glorious meat (their Chateaubriand is incredible) and serve it up with all the sights and sounds of a country house weekend. Seriously. We’re talking shotguns, fir trees and virtual pheasant shooting in the restaurant – proper irreverent fun with no compromise on food quality. We love it.

The end of a beautiful friendship…

Sadly, the number of bars and restaurants in the city with a piano and improvising pianist are dwindling. The erotic bookshop and cocktail bar The Society Club on Ingestre Place is one of the most recent to draw the curtains for the last time thanks. It’s a tragedy, and entirely due to the massive rent hikes being imposed across the West End.

Also, a nostalgic and respectful nod this week to the Groucho Club, the world-renowned private members club (and piano bar), based in Soho. Its legendary doorkeeper Bernie Katz has just died, and we know many of our friends in the industry will sorely miss him. You can donate to his memorial fund here.

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Mat, KitchenLab UK