Special-i-tea: KINTO teaware from Japan


We are so in love with the new range of tea, coffee and table ware we’re stocking from KINTO – a thoughtful Japanese company with beauty and practicality at the heart of everything it does.

There’s the One Touch teapot, a vision in glass and stainless steel, with the strainer integrated into the lid. Less mess, less to wash up, and a joy to behold.

There’s the Unitea range, where cups of various colours and sizes, strainers, lids and jugs are interchangeable for a totally personal tea-drinking experience.

And for coffee lovers there’s a stunning drip-stand and a cold-brew carafe. What can we say? They’re the essence of simple elegance.

Designed to make your life more beautiful

KINTO design everything with the user in mind. Cups fit hands. Colours are muted – peaceful but uplifting. Tumblers in the Alfresco range for outdoor use are specially weighted so they won’t blow over. Pieces are designed to be stacked for easy storage. Lids open automatically while pouring. Cleaning is easy. Life is easy. The philosophy is that KINTO products fit into your life seamlessly, simply but meaningfully – and believe us when we say that they do. We’re hooked.

There’s a trend here too – we’re finally catching on that tea is not only super good for you, but also makes a great companion to fine food. Forget boozy lunches and groggy afternoons: it’s all about ambient-brew tea pairing menus for 2018.

Putting tea on the fine-dining menu

Our friends at Fera at Claridges led the way, with pairings on their tea-total (sorry, couldn’t help it!) menu launched last year including Cornish lamb, sweetbread, king oyster mushrooms and ramsons with a Hijiri Black Sun tea from Japan, and stout ice cream, buckwheat and verjus with a High Mountain Oolong tea from Taiwan.

It’s an “alternative culinary journey” that’s proving massively popular, with the tea served at ambient temperature in wine glasses. It’s all too beautiful, and we’re all for it.

Have a look at our full KINTO range here, and book a tea pairing menu at Claridges here – it’ll change you way you see tea for good (and read this fab review from The London Foodie if you need any more persuasion!)

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Mat, KitchenLab UK