Taste of London….we’ll have an extra helping!

It’s possible that you’ve been avoiding this glorious weather by crawling under a nice cool rock – but if not, you’ll know that last week was the Taste of London Festival. And what a festival it was! Dominating Instagram with a staggering 43,800 posts, it was hard to avoid even if you weren’t actually there!

It’s the biggest celebration of the London food and hospitality scene, and we’re still all warm and fuzzy about how utterly delicious it was. Regent’s Park, perfect English summer sun, the world’s most inspirational chefs, London’s hottest restaurants and finest beverages – it just doesn’t get much better.

Taste of London 2018 Review

So when we got the call that Cristel were invited to sponsor The Taste Residence, where esteemed chefs from around the globe serve guests in one hour sittings, as the UK representative for Castel’Pro range by Crsitel we were delighted to offer our support.

Designed for professionals by Michelin starred chefs, the 5-ply cookware is made from the purest stainless steel and aluminum, making it super reactive, efficient, light, rounded shape making it perfect for sauces and easy to clean. It also allowed us to talk through its unique differences, particularly important as its used at a much lower heat and is much more reactive than any competitors.

It was great to listen to Lauren Mote, Global Cocktailian from Diageo, talk about the Zacapa cocktails paired with each dish for days! In fact, we’re going to blame the expert nature of her and her teams’ mixology skills for the reason we drank so many… Ahem…

Kitchen Lab Taste Of London

Our business started in Sweden, so we were pleased as punch to catch up with the happiest of all chefs Niklas Ekstedt. His one-man quest to start an open-fire cooking revolution is one we hope continues. He’s our hero for loving our hand made cast iron Skeppshult cookware as much as we do (and it’s no coincidence that one of the hottest restaurants in town, BRAT, is centred around this style of cooking).

Niklas Ekstedt Taste Of London

It was also great to watch Swedish legend Magnus Nilsson at work. The care and focus he took over each dish was totally mesmerising. Manoella Buffara, Sean Gray and Gregory Marchand also cooked at The Taste Residence, preparing and serving dishes that were unique to them. We loved how Gregory explained his food as ‘sophisticated simplicity’, using fresh, seasonal ingredients and clever cooking techniques to enhance his dishes.

The Taste Residence

Watching how hard the teams worked both front and back of house was completely humbling. Patrick Powell from Manhattan Loft Gardens’ utter dedication to sourcing the finest ingredients was awe-inspiring. And Paulo De Tarso from Covent Garden’s Margot is on an absolute quest to provide the best possible service. This guy really isn’t joking about changing the customer service industry one table at a time. We also could have talked all night about life, cats – and most importantly food – to writer, curator and road manager of Gelinaz!, Andrea Petrini.


We are constantly inspired by our industry and it was amazing to witness chefs we admire cooking in the tent with so much passion. Here at The Kitchen Lab we only represent products we believe are the best and we hope that soon everyone will enjoy the benefits of cooking with Castel’Pro by Cristel. Our biggest warm glow came from hearing how all the chefs appreciate the quality and craftsmanship that goes into making the Castel’Pro range.

Cristel Sponsors Taste Of Residence

Bravo to Cecile Rebbot and her team! Whatever the recipe for a great event is, Taste of London have certainly mastered it.

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