Modern Mixologist Cocktail Kit with recipes

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Our Modern Mixologist Cocktail Kit will introduce you to various modern ingredients and techniques which will help you make delicious drinks and cocktails which will delight and amaze. Containing 9 different ingredients, equipment and recipes which range from easy to challenging, developed by award winning modernist chef Eddie Shepherd. It will teach you various techniques and help you understand how these techniques and ingredients work. The World of Modern Mixologist and the possibilities it holds for devising drinks and cocktails are endless. Only your imagination is the limit.

What you can do with this kit:

  • Learn spherification & reverse spherification techniques.
  • Create caviar pearls / fruit bubbles which pop in the mouth.
  • Learn how to deconstruct your favourite cocktails.
  • Turn liquids into stable foams.
  • Create a sparkling rim on your cocktail.
  • Create a dramatic visual effect.
  • Use ice cubes to change the flavour and colour of the cocktail.
  • Turn liquids into powders.
  • Stay ahead of the curve in the art of mixology.


  • Lime Essential Oil (30ml)
  • English Rose Flavour Drop (30ml)
  • Lecithin Powder (50g)
  • Sodium Alginate (50g)
  • Calcium Lactate (50g)
  • Xanthan Gum (50g)
  • Zorbit (50g)
  • Pure Blue (30ml)
  • Crackle Crystals (100g)
  • Digital Mini Scales
  • 10 x 3ml Pipettes
  • Small Hemisphere Mould
  • Set of Measuring Spoons
  • Booklet containing techniques, tips, instructions and recipes

French 77, Espresso Martini, Mojito with sparkling rim, Watermelon Mojito with Watermelon Pearls, Deep Blue Daiquiri, Absinthe Candyfloss, Ultramarine Aviation, Indigo Chi Chi, Blue Rose Gin and Tonic, White Russian Sphere, Bloody Mary Sphere, Raspberry and Rose Fizz, Blueberry Moscow Mule, Cucumber Gimlet with Cucumber Pearls, Chocolate Orange Martini, Basic Simple Syrup, Suspension Syrup, Pure Blue Syrup, Sodium Alginate Bath, Calcium Lactate Bath.