Pentole Agnelli 20cm Copper Frying/Serving Pan with 2 Brass Handles

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Pentole Agnelli 20cm Tin-Plated Copper Frying Pan with 2 Brass Handles.

Copper is particularly suitable for longer cooking times and for temperature precision,  fans of quality cookware will enjoy using a Pentole Agnelli  cookware product professionally.

Copper cookware is handed down from generation to generation, the patina of time makes them more attractive than ever. The result of  great craftsmanship, the Pentole Agnelli range is available in both smooth copper finish, or the current machined modern design, hammered copper.  If you hung in this is any kitchen it will contribute to an elegant and professional environment.

The inner surface handcrafted and is a great addition to a hygienic and safe kitchen.


  • An excellent conductor of heat, considerable energy savings due to the high ability to conduct heat
  • Excellent impact resistance, thermal shock, abrasion and corrosion
  • Highly durable interior hygienic and exterior finishes
  • Does not contain traces of nickel


It is the best conductor of heat (thermal conductivity 392 WMK) between the metals used for the production of cookware. It has the ability to “shape” the internal temperature of the product in an excellent manner. It warms quickly and having reached the desired temperature, it is perfectly maintained. The temperature stability and speed of warming make copper the preferred material by professionals.


  • Do not use sharp objects in direct contact with the inside
  • The presence of green copper is a consequence of the plating process (excluding the pot)
  • NEVER use steel wool to clean inside as this would damage the surface plating
  • We do not recommend washing in the dishwasher to prevent the complete oxidation of the copper
  • Always clean the outside with specific products to avoid the dark colour due to oxidation of the copper
  • Do not leave the instrument in direct contact with flames or plates without food or condiments inside there
  • The slow and steady cooking at low temperatures, makes the copper the perfect tool pond
  • Do not stack pans on top of each other; it is advisable to store them hanging