Skeppshult Cast Iron Deep Frying Pan 28cm

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Handcrafted Cast Iron Deep Frying Pan 28cm

Made with only naturally pure ingredients, Skeppshult’s cast iron is an environmentally friendly and healthy alternative to today’s plastic-coated aluminium pans.

Made by hand in Sweden since 1906 according to ancient methods and traditions to legendary standards, both ethically and practically.

The Skeppshult foundry uses only electricity from wind and hydropower. Sand moulds are used to cast each pan individually – the sand can withstand the extreme temperatures needed to cast iron of this quality.

They say:

“Casting the molten iron requires special moulds that can withstand extreme temperatures. Metal tools such as those used in casting aluminium and other materials would not withstand molten cast iron and therefore we use sand moulds that have been compressed under several tons of pressure. The composition of the sand is very important and something we put a lot of time into.

With 100 years of experience, Skeppshult have found the right composition that can both hold the hot cast iron and provide the right structure in the cast metal. Two halves of the sand moulds are pressed together, which creates a cavity for the molten cast iron.

The casting master pours the iron by hand; it takes experience and precision for the castings to meet our requirements at Skeppshult.”

Skeppshult’s cast iron can withstand very high temperatures without warping and are guaranteed for a lifetime of use. The ultimate cookware for home and professional use, Skeppshult pans combine timelessly beautiful design with outstanding endurance and flawless usability.